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For PGA Professionals

Reasons for a PGA Professional to use and recommend Let's Get Golfing to golfers.

We feature Golf Professionals on Let's Get Golfing.

Membership of Let's Get Golfing is free for all PGA Professionals so by signing up there is an opportunity to promote yourself to members in your area.

All Pros are promoted on the Recommended Pros page or on the Featured Professionals page, or both, promoting you to all Let's Get Golfing members which, we hope, will result in more custom for you.

You are also welcome to help increase the diversity of content of Let's Get Golfing by supplying your own videos which: 

  • Illustrate different teaching methods, or
  • Demonstrate practice games, or
  • Promote individual specialties, or
  • Simply tell a story of how you decided on a career in golf providing good advice for youngsters.

Please contact us for more details.

Encourage more to take up golf

Let's Get Golfing can help the Pro by getting new golfers interested, providing basic information, encouraging then to improve, plus helping them with Rules & Etiquette and the 'Essentials for example.

Be pro-active and gain extra coaching business

By encouraging your clients to join Let's Get Golfing and use the Statistics section, you can be pro-active. How does this work?

  • Your clients simply fill in details of their round after each game, (made easy by using printable cards), at home or on their Smartphone at their Club.
  • They share their stats with you by simply entering your e-mail address.
  • You log in to Let's Get Golfing, go to the Statistics page and click on 'View shared statistics'.
  • This gives you a list of golfers who have shared their stats with you.
  • Click on the name of the person whose stats you want to see - shown as last round and monthly percentages.
  • Identify their weaknesses, e.g. Fairways missed left 35%, or Greens missed short 40%
  • Contact your client and suggest a lesson to, for example, cure their hook or help make their iron approach shots more consistent.
  • By being able to approach a client directly with a positive reason for a lesson you will be seen as wanting to help them become a better golfer.
  • Your clients will be able to see that by taking this route they will save money in the longer term and improve faster.

Provide extra value for money

When a new client books a series of lessons with you by incorporating a free membership of Let's Get Golfing into the cost (discount available).

Sales incentive

Offer discounted membership of Let's Get Golfing as a sales incentive to attract new or existing clients, giving them a valuable 'extra' which will be very beneficial to their development (commission available).

Personalised posters

A4 posters can be supplied for you to publicise the benefits of Let's Get Golfing, for example personalised A4 posters in all driving bays on your range could direct new custom to you.

Give away business cards

We can supply customised business cards for you to pass to your clients, these have a unique code which will give them a discount off membership and earn you commission.

Website creation

Websites for PGA professionals, with a domain name of your choice (subject to availability), at nominal cost - or free if 20 golfers join Let's Get Golfing on your recommendation. Please contact us for details of this offer.

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