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Who's Who at a Golf Club?

There can be a number of 'officials' at a golf club, the list below gives you an indication of the personnel who help to run a golf club.

Club manager / secretary

The Secretary, or more commonly now known as the Manager, of a Private Golf club is the most senior of the full time professional staff employed by the club. This person is seen as the hub at the centre of the wheel. Taking the directives of the Management Committee and implementing them throughout the business. Being a professional manager also gives them knowledge and experience to advise the Management Committee on the best course of action to take to ensure that the club thrives.

Captain Ladies and Gents

Each club elects a Captain, who acts as a ‘Managing Director’ and is responsible for the team, referred to as the committee, who work with him to run the club.  The committee is split into a number of smaller sub committees who look after the different aspects of the day to day running of the club such as the course, competitions, finance, social events, etc.  Most captains will have served, in some capacity, on each departmental sub committee at some point over the years. As a result of this accumulated experience the Captain is in the best position to oversee the continual evolution of the club.  Elected by the members at the AGM the Captain will normally serve for a two-year period and will usually have served as the Vice-Captain in the previous two years.   Most Captains will chair committee meetings and will have the casting vote on club affairs. The Captain will be the public face of the club and represent it at most functions, prize givings and other club occasions.

Vice Captain Ladies and Gents

Deputises for the Captain in his/her absence. 

Match Secretary

One of the most demanding roles within the committee. The Match Secretary is responsible for the maintenance of club members handicaps and is in charge of the competition agenda and the organisation and running of all club competitions throughout the year.

 House Convenor

The House Convenor oversees the general upkeep of the interior of the clubhouse. A good knowledge of management skills together with staff working practices is necessary together with an understanding of buildings and their maintenance

 Junior Convenor

Possibly one of the most rewarding - and frustrating - of jobs is the planning and running of the junior section, this involves organising the junior golfers for coaching, competitions, interclub matches, handicapping, etiquette, rules etc. An even temper and an understanding of children will help anyone who takes on what can be a fun, and very rewarding, job.

 Bar/Catering Convenor

Appointed to run the food and beverage side of the club to ensure that a full and quality service is provided to the membership in a cost-effective way.

Entertainment’s Convenor

The Entertainment's Convenor's job is to set up functions to encourage socialising between the membership in the clubhouse. These functions ensure full usage of the clubhouse facility all year round.  This role requires an individual with imagination and a strong will to cajole the membership into supporting the functions arranged for them!

 Financial Convenor

This person will work very closely with the Secretary and the club Captain to ensure that the club runs economically and within budget.  The Financial Convenor will also help the Secretary plan budgets for all the different departments for the coming year and for the future.

 The Greens Convenor

The Greens Convenor liases between the Head Green-keeper and the committee.

The Golf Professional

The golfing expert at the club who makes a salary as a result of providing a service to the members. This person makes a living from running the clubs shop where a coaching service, club repairing facility and sales of equipment are normally carried out.

Assistants' to Golf Professional

The people who work in the Golf Shop at the club, under the Professional, are called Assistant Professionals. The amount of assistants that work in the shop will depend upon the volume of trade that the shop has to deal with. More information

Head Green-keeper

The Head Green-Keeper is a professional employed by the club and can be one of their most important assets. The Head Green-Keeper is responsible for the day to day maintenance and subsequent presentation of the golf course. In order for him to work effectively his thoughts and actions must be ratified by the committee. He reports to the Greens Convenor on matters concerning the course and manages the green keeping staff.

Catering Manager

The Catering Manager is the person in charge of the catering at the Golf club and reports to The Secretary/Manager. This position is either an employed post or franchised business opportunity. This person will also manage the staff working in the catering department.

Bar Manager -

This individual manages the Club Bar and the staff who work in it. They will report to the Bar Convenor on all matters concerning the business of the bar at the club.

Green-keeping Staff

This team of people work under the Head Green-Keeper to maintain the day to day condition of the golf course.


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